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'No Defence for Western Civilisation – the disintegration of Europe'

Tano believes that the European Union was constructed on the three principles of:

  1. The creation of a Political Union, as a deterrent to a third world war in Europe;

  2. The creation of an Economic Union, the world’s largest market, to foster growth, improve real wages, and increase living standards and;

  3. The creation of a Cultural Union, an integrated ‘united states of Europe,’ to provide for freedom of movement and freedom of employment; to insure access to education, healthcare, and opportunities of all description, without borders

The Schengen Agreement is predicated on the complete abolition of systematic internal borders for the 26 European member nations and representing 411MM people

The Brexit vote was the beginning-of-the-end for The Economic Union (point 2);

The collapse of the Schengen Agreement will be the beginning-of-the-end for The Cultural Union (point 3)

And that Islamism in Europe and its war on western values, is the beginning-of-the-end of The Political Union (point 1)

  • Tyranny of Brussels vs. Sprouts of Resistance

  • Brünnhilde - the year of the Great and Powerful Female Politician

  • Brexit: God Save Our Gracious Queen … Welcome the Restoration of 'The Special Relationship'

  • Wilders Bewilders - don’t shoot the messenger... Geert is right

  • Inglorious Gamble, the Turkish Connection, Silvesternacht, TaharushGamea and the Death of Schengen

  • Burqa in the West; the Bastille Day ‘Nice’ Atrocities and Berlin Christmas Market Massacre

  • Sverigedemokraterna: The Rape of Sweden, Paradise Lost and traitorous Stefan Löfven

  • Dr Frauke Petry, the new Feminine Face of Courage and Resistance

  • Austrian Heist - Berlin tries to steal the democratic election... twice!

  • Vive la Liberté, Vive la République, Vive Marine Le Pen
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