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John Winsell Davies is a global macro manager with 20 years worldwide experience in Singapore, London, Moscow, Beijing, San Francisco, Bahamas, Baku, Tehran, Almaty, Kiev, Ashgabat, Tashkent, Bishkek, Tbilisi and Fort Lauderdale. He has produced a highly successful track record characterised by

  • top decile annualised return (absolute return),
  • top quintile Sharpe Ratio (risk adjusted return)

    The following table represents Mr. Davies track record with similar funds with similar investment objectives. See Special Disclaimer
Source: Bloomberg Alfa Capital
Director: Portfolio Management
Diamond Age
Chief Investment Officer/Fund Mgr
Greater Europe Fund (06/2010-06/2011)
Lead fund Partner
Annualized Historical (combined for all features)
Historical Sharpe Ratio 2.73 2.13 1.37 1.96
Mr Davies Annualized Historical
Absolute Return
41.27% 63.10% 53.67% 58.56%
Versus the Credit Suisse Global Macro Index (HEDGGLMA)** 17.15% 12.87% 14.21% 13.64%
Versus the MSCI World Equities (MXWO)** 29.78% 21.57% 31.57% 24.17%
Up periods 6 36 7 49
Down periods 3
Up Down Ratio 2 to 1 2.76 to 1 1.75 to 1 2.45 to 1

*Mr. Davies was CIO with Diamond Age from 02/2005 to 01/2008 and then again from 02/2009 to 04/2010

**Benchmark calculations are for same time periods as Mr. Davies’ tenures at Alfa Capital, Diamond Age and Greater Europe

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