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  Representative Themes
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  • The Original ‘Untouchables’ list

  • No Defence for Western Civilisation and the Disintegration of Europe

  • Trump Policy Reversal Implications

  • War is Coming; the sooner the better … while we still have a chance to win

  • Constantinople Thesis (Baltic Buzz … Acrid Cologne … Silvesternacht)

  • Inflation ‘Flight from Safety’ - Significant mispriced risk at the long end of the yield curve

  • The Thyme is Nigh … to revisit the Baltic Dry

  • Captain America and the outlook remains Marvellous. Bully Dollar World Advances

  • Nationalism in Free Societies, Rise of the European Right

  • The New Charismatics; Leadership in post-consensus, post-parliamentarian world

  • Chinese SUFFR (Systemic Unquantified Financial Failure Risk) and Credit Bubble

  • Robotics Animation and the Rise of the Intelligent Machine

  • Aging Europe; high growth med-tech, innovation and diagnostic players

  • Oil price floor = unconventional F&D cost of production + OPEC / Russia output freeze

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