Tano Octane - Global Macro Fund

  Risk Management Protocols
  Risk Management Structure
  Leverage and Exposures
  • Tano Octane actively shorts liquid securities in listed Fx, Credit, Commodity and Equity markets for α alpha generation

  • Tano Octane does not short securities as a directional bet "against the market" or a so-called hedge

  • Tano Octane believe that this practice reduces performance returns while increasing notional exposure, transaction and carrying costs

  • Tano Octane’s short investment process is identical to the long side, and each enterprise-specific line item undergoes the same fundamental analysis

  • Tano Octane’s investments (long or short) are made on a standalone basis, quantified with fundamental rationale which indicates that a profit can be made by selling an inflated security and buying it back at a lower price

  • Tano Octane shorts securities when the fund manager has identified near-term drivers of asset price depreciation – Tano never shorts based on valuation


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